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US, European Consumer Groups Call on FTC to Investigate Google for Deceptive Tracking of Users
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Best Browsers for Privacy and Security
A mini Wind Turbine to power your home with a gentle breeze
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Windows 10 Pro Users Say Their PCs Are No Longer Activated And Are Been Prompted To Downgrade To Windows 10 Home
Google Launches reCAPTCHA v3 That Detects Bad Traffic Without User Interaction
Pentagon Wants To Predict Anti-Trump Protests Using Social Media Surveillance
Helium Leak Disables Every iPhone In a Medical Facility
Google is shutting down Google+ for consumers following security vulnerability
Former students say that Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak's coding bootcamp is like a $13,200 broken ebook
Privacy Advocates Hopeful Rollout of 5G Can Eliminate Surveillance Vulnerabilities
Facebook Security Vulnerability Allowed Attackers to Steal User Access Tokens
Yahoo Mail scanning your emails for data to sell to advertisers
Outrage as Craig Pawson bribes shows corruption in English football is alive and well
The mounting debt of those who lost big in the Crypto Crash
Javascript mining with Coinhive converts CPU into peanuts
Outrage over bundled adware in FileZilla FTP client
Supreme Court rules police need a warrant for your cell phone location data
Yubico apologizes to security vulnerability researcher
Facebook Bug Causes Users Posts to be Shared Publicly
Two Canadian Banks announce they have been hacked over the weekend
London Data Center Planned for Telehouse
WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum is quitting Facebook for privacy reasons
'Red Alert' Protest For Net Neutrality Planned May 9
How will GDPR deal with ICANN and WHOIS?
Coinbase goes rogue as users complain that valid accounts with funds are being shut down
Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug from Yahoo
Fastmail admits to sharing user email addresses with third party
World Cup 2018 Schedule
German Government moves to open source Nextcloud for secure file exchange
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