Rick Schwartz takes aim at Godaddy on Twitter

In a series of tweets, well known domain name investor Rick Schwartz attacks Godaddy business practices. Shedding light on the complex practice of domain auctions.

It seems like Rick is not alone is his claims. He even went as far to register a domain and pointing it the companies BBB page, bringing attention to over 1100 negative reviews on Godaddy. 

The rant also includes references the an elephant hunt that CEO Bob Parsons went on Africa a couple years back.
Rick has also setup a website for the cause. The website GODADDYBLOWS.COM links to Godaddy's BBB page that highlights over 1100 negative reviews on the company.

Despite the negative customer feedback and questionable business practices, Godaddy's stock remains strong, beating analysts expectations as the worlds leading domain registrar has strengthened it's hold on the market with a series of acquisitions.

Thanks to DomainDP for the tip.


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