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How Ontario Place is being used to benefit various Toronto mayoral campaigns

People who only pay attention to politics during elections — which, for the record, is most people that have a healthy set of priorities — often have an understandably misguided impression of how elections are won. They hear talk in the news about a ballot question and think that whichever campaign has the best answer to that question, will be the one that wins. What they are often missing is that the contest between campaigns is to make the ballot question the only one that their candidate can win on. Put another way, if your hockey team is built on speed and skill, trying to out muscle a bruising defense-focused team is a losing strategy. Success comes from making your opponent play your game. Toronto’s election has raised issues like affordability, transit, and public safety, but none have grabbed the headlines as much as the fate of a 50-plus year-old amusement park that has been officially closed for more than 10 years. Ontario Place has been a dominant issue on the campaign and e

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