What happens when your Google account is hacked?

Hacking has been rampant recently and although Google has made some improvements to security, it seems they are still vulnerable to getting hacked.

 Last week 4 Google users contacted me for help after they were locked out of their business Google accounts and had lost all access to data. I tried reaching out to Google and the response was surprisingly shocking. I could not tell if it was a bot or human.

I posted my email email on a forum here, as well as G-suite and Google forums. The lack of urgency on Google's part is ensuring that companies who host data with Google, certainly risk losing that data, not because these accounts are not secure, but because Google does not have a plan to allow users to recover the account.

After I received 4 reports of hacked Google/G-Suite/Gmail accounts in one week, I took a look on Twitter to see if other have experienced the same. It looks like this is happening a lot and it does not look like people regain access once hacked.

If you cannot complete the account recovery steps, then you are locked out and you no choice but to setup another Gmail account or setup an email account with a more secure service, as posted on this Webmail Wiki.

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