Coinbase goes rogue as users complain that valid accounts with funds are being shut down

The crypto currency exchange Coinbase has been shutting down seemingly valid accounts. Many of these accounts were active, legit, verified and funded. Users of the crypto website will notice a warning when they try and buy or sell crypto currency that their account has been suspended and they should contact support.

My account too has been caught up with the latest round of suspensions. I contacted support and they confirmed that many Coinbase accounts have been recently suspended. They were not able to confirm details and when or if they would be reactivated. User that have been suspended have said that they have been suspended for over 75 days with no word as to when they would restore access to funds. Could this be the end of Coinbase?

We reached out to Coinbase for comment but they did not respond.
Many users of the Coinbase service have taken to Twitter to complain that the company has stolen their funds.

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