Cloudflare Accused of Providing Cyber Security Services to Terrorists

Leading American tech firm Cloudflare has been accused of providing cybersecurity services to at least seven designated foreign terrorist organizations and militant groups including Taliban, al-Shabab and Hamas. Jesselyn Cook of the Huffington Post reporting: "The San Francisco-based web giant is one of the world's largest content delivery networks ... Among Cloudflare's millions of customers are several groups that are on the State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations… These organizations own and operate active websites that are protected by Cloudflare, according to four national security and counterextremism experts who reviewed the sites at HuffPost's request."

Cloudflare has declined to comment on the specific websites but stated: "We know we have obligations, when we become aware of a claim that someone is in our service despite being a sanctioned entity then we have a policy in place to address that." 

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