Strange Email Used to Inform Marriott Customers About the Massive Data Breach

Millions of email warnings were sent out by Marriot on Friday to warn customers about the massive data breach which has affected close to half a billion guest data. However the particular domain name used for the email address seemed odd and not quite assuring that it came from Marriott. "Marriott sent its notification email from ',' which is registered to a third party firm, CSC, on behalf of the hotel chain giant," Zack Whittaker reports in TechCrunch. "there was little else to suggest the email was at all legitimate — the domain doesn't load or have an identifying HTTPS certificate. In fact, there's no easy way to check that the domain is real, except a buried note on Marriott's data breach notification site that confirms the domain as legitimate. ... what makes matters worse is that the email is easily spoofable."

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