Surprise! The Wordlinx Pyramid Scheme Is A Fraud Site

If anyone needs yet more evidence that schemes that pay users cash to watch ads, and then pay more for any other users that you get to sign up (AKA Pyramid Schemes) are nonsense, just see Laas Meer's twitter message, which embedded below.

The service in question is called Wordlinx. They pay users $0.001 to watch an advertisement for thirty seconds. They also pay $0.001 for every advertisement viewed by anyone that has signed up using your referral code. Sounds great, but there’s one problem – users are complaining that they aren’t getting paid, or are getting paid weeks and weeks after they should have been.

The reason? Wordlinx is undoubtedly finding itself in cash flow trouble. Advertisers, I’m sure, are not jumping at the chance to get to users who value their time at $1.20/hour and are only looking at ads because they’re paid to. AGLOCO, another version of the scheme, went belly up last year. AGLOCO was created by the same team that founded AllAdvantage (also DeadPool) back in the late nineties. Basically, the model doesn’t work, no matter how people try to spin it.

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