Hidden Mining Operation Uncovered in Warsaw's Supreme Administrative Court


bitcoin in court

In a surprising revelation, the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw, Poland, became the center of an unexpected discovery: a series of sophisticated computers were cleverly concealed within the building's infrastructure. Contrary to initial suspicions of espionage or data theft, as reported by Poland's TVN24, it was determined that these devices were secretly installed for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrency, exploiting the court's electricity without cost.

The uncovering of this illicit activity occurred around August and September 2023. A judge from the court sent a communication to TVN24, verifying that the hidden computing machinery was indeed being used for mining digital currencies.

These covert devices, nestled beneath floorboards and within air ducts, reportedly consumed electricity amounting to thousands of zlotys each month (with 1,000 zloty approximately equating to $250). Interestingly, the individuals responsible for this setup had established an independent network using their modems, a tactic that likely contributed to their prolonged undetection.

The narrative of how these events unfolded is somewhat complex. It appears that the IT services firm responsible for maintaining the court's computers and network dismissed two employees. These individuals were believed to be servicing the areas where the mining equipment was later found operational. Following this internal cleanup, the court's president terminated the contract with the IT firm.

As investigations into this matter continue, those found culpable could face charges related to electricity theft. Prosecutors, seeking to understand the magnitude of this offense, are consulting with experts in IT and electrical power. This collaborative effort aims to accurately assess the extent and financial impact of the stolen electricity by the clandestine mining operation.

This incident comes amid a resurgence in Bitcoin mining popularity, driven by strengthening Bitcoin values. Despite a robust market, with Bitcoin valued at around $36,500 at the time of writing, there's no cause for concern regarding crypto mining's impact on PC GPUs. Even the most advanced graphics cards are deemed ineffective for Bitcoin mining.

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