Top tips to grow your Podcast

Post early, post often

Publishing consistently is key to growing your podcast. Our data shows that podcasts that publish at least once a week are more likely to build an audience of loyal listeners. 

Another fun fact; the most common days to publish a podcast are Tuesdays and Fridays. Give your audience a great story to start their week, or an awesome interview to dive into over the weekend. 

Share your hard work

Tap into your existing network by sharing your new episodes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You probably already know that Twitter is a great place to discover and share podcasts, but a large number of creators we surveyed told us they built their audiences using Instagram. 

You can share snippets of your podcast using an app like Headliner to create short-form videos using audio from your podcast. 

Be a guest

Appearing as a guest on a friend's podcast is another way to introduce a whole new group of listeners to your show. Also, we've seen a ton of growth from podcasts that have agreed to cross-promote each other. If you're looking for someone to cross-promote your podcast with.

Put your audience to work

Don't be shy about asking your listeners to leave you a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. Getting positive reviews on Apple Podcasts helps your show get discovered by new listeners, the same way you're more likely to visit a new restaurant if its reviewed well online. Ask your followers to be specific about what they love about your show. The more positive reviews, the better!

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