Thexyz Email Plans to Leverage Open Standards and Community-Driven Development with Move to Open-Source

Thexyz Inc, a leading secure email company, has today announced that it is moving from closed-source software to open-source after 15 years of proprietary software development. 

With Software Developers in high demand, attracting and attaining the most talented developers is an ongoing challenge. The best open-source developers who are rising stars in the industry have a natural passion and desire to contribute to the community. 

With increasing data volumes and a growing customer base, by provisioning open-source libraries, Thexyz aims to further scale its business-class email suite with a feature-rich and intuitive user experience. By offering a communication and collaboration platform designed for small business users, including secure email, personal and team organization, cloud storage, and online office features, we anticipate regular software improvements in the years and months to come. 

Migrating close to 98% of its customer mailboxes to email solutions powered by open standards, Thexyz aims to leverage a talented, driven community of developers focused on open-source development. While preparations for this large-scale email migration have already begun, the actual migration is planned to start taking place in October 2022 and be completed by March 2024.

Thexyz Inc is helping organizations to accelerate open-source adoption by providing responsive support and advising on open-source projects. Thexyz will continue to work together with existing partners as it goes through the different stages of its open-source journey. Today, the project consists of migration; the next step will be email migration stabilization and then optimizing and fortifying environments.

Perry Toone, CEO at Thexyz Inc, added: “Moving to open-source is not an easy journey, but we are encountering new reasons for making that transition every month. We know it takes great courage and more than a little faith, but are fully committed to embracing open-source as the primary solution for email and software development. We’re still learning and are excited to work alongside those who can help us make Thexyz better.”

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