Authy Desktop App to Be Discontinued in Favor of Mobile-Only Approach

Authy, a popular two-factor authentication (2FA) application, is making a significant shift in its platform availability. According to an updated support page recently highlighted by Bleeping Computer, Authy will discontinue its desktop application across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms by August 2024.


Authy, known for generating a unique code every 30 seconds to enhance account security, has been a preferred choice for many users, especially for its desktop availability. This feature set it apart from other 2FA apps like Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator, which are primarily mobile-based. The desktop app offered the convenience of verifying logins directly from a computer, an especially useful feature for those who prefer not to use their mobile devices for such verifications.

However, in a shift of strategy, Authy is now directing users towards its mobile version. For users with Mac computers equipped with M1 or M2 chips, there's a silver lining: the iOS version of the Authy app will still be accessible. For others, Authy suggests transitioning to the mobile app, which offers seamless synchronization with previously linked computer accounts.

This transition might not be smooth for all users, particularly because Authy does not provide an export feature. Users wanting to switch to a different 2FA app will need to disable the Authy 2FA on all connected accounts and then re-enable them with the new app.

In a related development, Authy's parent company Twilio is also centralizing its customer support. After January 15th, 2024, all Authy support inquiries will be redirected to Twilio's help center. This move is part of broader organizational changes at Twilio. The company, which laid off 5 percent of its workforce in December 2023, announced a major leadership change with the appointment of a new CEO earlier this week.

Twilio's decision to end support for the Authy desktop app is part of its strategy to "streamline our focus and provide more value on existing product solutions for which we see increasing demand." This indicates a strategic pivot towards enhancing and prioritizing their more in-demand products, possibly in response to the evolving market and internal organizational changes.

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